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Michael was mid-career when he discovered audio books, and fell in love with the ability to perform such a wide array of characters. He set out to be an Audio Performer and began learning in earnest all the ways to bring these characters to life. He is a proud member of the Audio Publishers Association, and has attended various narrating workshops such as Pat Fraley's Well Read, Well Paid, and James Anderson Foster's, Fostering Characters.  Michael truly enjoys discovering new worlds and characters and bringing them to life in audio form. His baritone voice allows him to uniquely bring every character to life.



Superbly narrated by Michael Norman Johnson, who reads intelligently with good intonation and separate voicing for all of the protagonists, human and alien alike, this is a well written, exciting voyage of discovery, pursuit, battles and first contact in the uncharted areas of space. An excellent melding of narrator and text.     -Audible Listener

Narration for this story by Michael Johnson is incredible. He needs so many voices, including accents, and he is spot on through the entire book. It's like a movie going on, and he makes it an enjoyable view. I will be looking for more by him.    

             -Audible Listner


This is a great book for anyone who likes zombie/pandemic/ Walking Dead type of stories. This is a very short book. I purchased the audiobook version and wasn't disappointed. This book is action packed, and Michael Johnson as the narrator makes you feel like you are right in the middle of the action. 

              -Audible Listner




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 "It's like Master Chief and Cortana, but not" 

It's the buddy cop book you never knew could be written. 

Dracoulis writes good banter and even managed to make truly lol and not just pretend I did like when I text my friends after they send me a meme. I don't know that I would call this book a true LitRPG because there's no leveling system, armor or weapons ratings, and really only one quest. It's more of an immersive world hopper using games as a reason. Still a good book though. 

Michael Norman Johnson does s great job with the narration. I found myself thinking that he kind of reminded me of RC Bray. He does a great job delivering the banter between Eddie and his A.I. partner. 

I enjoyed the story and think as sci-fi, cyberpunk, dystopian adventures go it's pretty great. 

                  -Digital Rogue, Audible Listner

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